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Crickhowell Open Studios: Locus

nihilists_med_rtLlangattock 1904P Watkins M4. Acrylic on canvas. 2012

Rebecca Spooner, west coast collage 2012Penny Hallas. Siren

25 – 27 May 2013
contemporary artworks located in and around Glasfryn, including installation
film, painting, drawing.

Stefhan Caddick:
Penny Hallas:
Rebecca Spooner:
Philip Watkins:


Eurydice / Orpheus event

still 1 O&E filmstill 2 O&E film still 3 O&E film

Artworks and film clips alongside poetry, performances and readings on the subject of the myth.
Glasfryn Seminars 23 March 2013.

In my Orpheus / Euridice drawings and film clips I am interested in breaking up the narrative and scattering the charcteristics which are generally attributed to particular protagonists, so that each element in the story has a new relationship to every other element.

Presenters at the seminar included Dr. Angie Voela on French artist Bracha Ettinger, who regularly draws on the myth of Eurydice.

For more details of the day see Glasfryn Seminars