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3 May – 31st May 2014

Exhibition of new drawings and film made in response to the collection at Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition represents initial thoughts for Boxing the Chimera, an ongoing Arts Council Wales funded research and development project exploring the real and imagined contents of three museums in South Wales. Follow the blog boxing the chimera for more information.

Still from Paybox film. Music by Robin Wiltshire: https://soundcloud.com/rw-music-1

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3 week residency, re-creating elements of my studio, transported to the retail heart of the capital along with drawing, film and found objects from the black mountains

Pantechnicon: originally a building intended for the sale of all kinds of artistic work. A removal van.
Loosely – a receptacle holding a large number of miscellaneous objects.

22 Nov 2013 Opening event 6-8pm
7 Dec 2013 Closing event 2.30-5.30pm. Poets and writers engaged with the exhibition and responded to it in their various ways, whether by readings, improvisations, lectures, pronouncements, discussions… Allen Fisher, Graham Hartill, David Greenslade, Lyndon Davies, Chris Paul, Anthony Mellors.

More info about Pantechnicon

Arcadecardiff Unit 17, Queens Arcade, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 2BY

Eurydice / Orpheus event

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Artworks and film clips alongside poetry, performances and readings on the subject of the myth.
Glasfryn Seminars 23 March 2013.

In my Orpheus / Euridice drawings and film clips I am interested in breaking up the narrative and scattering the charcteristics which are generally attributed to particular protagonists, so that each element in the story has a new relationship to every other element.

Presenters at the seminar included Dr. Angie Voela on French artist Bracha Ettinger, who regularly draws on the myth of Eurydice.

For more details of the day see Glasfryn Seminars

Frederick J Fredericks

cave piece

For hundreds of years people have been visiting the caves at Craig y Cilau National Nature Reserve. Drawings, messages and names in the cave can be found dating from at least 1787, when Frederick J Fredericks made his mark.

On 30th October 2011, as part of Arts Month Xtra, artists, poets and musicians embarked on a series of arts events in the Nature reserve, including an artist led walk from Llangattock to the caves. Artists, Poets and Performers include:
artists: Susan Adams, Stefhan Caddick, Morag Colquhoun, Tessa Waite, Chris Nurse, Penny Hallas,
Poets: Lyndon Davies, John Goodby, David Greenslade, Graham Hartill, Anthony Mellors, Scott Thurston, Christopher Twigg
Musicians: Gillian Stevens – Crwth. Team Sports (Matthew Lovett, Jimmy Ottley, Ian Watson)

Full details of the Frederick J Fredericks event, including site map can be found at www.stefhancaddick.co.uk/new/frederick-j-fredericks

Y Lle Celf, Eisteddfod Wrecsam

image courtesy of Brecknock Museum and Art gallery

image courtesy of Brecknock Museum and Art gallery

40 drawings from the Orpheus project were shown at Y Lle Celf, National Eisteddfod Wrecsam 2011.

Gwilym Morus was commissioned as the Art Space Poet at this year’s National Eisteddfod, Wrecsam. One of the ten pieces he responded to in the exhibition was the ‘Orpheus drawings’. His response was in words and music, so as well as the lyrics going up on the wall alongside the work, he also recorded an album. Orffiws is the ninth track on the album: the words are given below, and the album can be heard by following the link to Gwilwm’s website, below.

Ymateb i ‘Orffiws’ gan Penny Hallas

…sef bardd chwedlonol y Groegwyr a rwygwyd yn
ddarnau gan ferched gwyllt y Bacchanalia.

Mae darnau bach ei hunan
ar chwâl ymysg y chwyn -
y bardd anfarwol truan
wedi’i hau fel hadau syn.

Yn ymraniadau amwyll
ei gyflwr chwith caiff fyw,
ag yntau’n gasgliad gorffwyll
o greiriau rhyfedd, gwyw.

Mae bellach yma’n rhythu
lle nad oes iddo hedd,
a’i ffrwythlon ddatgymalu
yn gwrthod iddo fedd.

Gwilym Morus (2011)

Dilyniant yn nhrefn yr albwm lle Troediaf Ymddengys y Llawr
Ewch i www.caneuon.com/babellgelf

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru Wrecsam a’r Fro                                                                                                                       www.eisteddfod.org.uk

Orpheus Project: Interfaces Conference

Image from Orpheus Project film29 Jan 2011 ‘ Encounters beyond the page/screen/stage’. A one-day research workshop event and exhibition. University of Exeter, Department of English.

As part of the Orpheus Project, a presentation will be made of film and images by Penny Hallas, script by Lyndon Davies, with music drawn from Gill Steven’s composition ‘Sounds from Solitude’

Orpheus Project: Myth Literature Unconscious

Essex Uniimage from Orpheus Project filmversity Conference: ‘Myth, Literature and the Unconscious’         September 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2010.

As part of the ongoing Orpheus Project, a presentation was made of film and images by Penny Hallas, script by Lyndon Davies, with music drawn from Gill Steven’s composition ‘Sounds from Solitude’. Making of the film was supported by technical wizard Steve Groves.

For more information about the Orpheus Project, click on ‘projects’ under categories.