Glorious Disgust


Gogoneddus Ych-a-Fi
An exhibition of work by contemporary Surrealists and their associates.
20 Feb – Apr 2018
Event: 23 Mar 2018, 4.30-6pm

B.Block Gallery
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cyncoed Campus Cardiff CF23 6XD

Boxing the Chimera

An exhibition of imaginative responses to the contents of three South Wales museums, including
the Swansea Museum Collection Centre, celebrating the beauty and variety of objects on display
and exploring their relation to community and place.

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Lottery funding strip landscape colour

From Here and There: drawings from Swansea to Colorado

Penny Hallas film still

Trip to Colorado as part of Elysium Gallery’s artist exchange with Clara Hatton
Gallery Colorado USA. Showing drawings and A Short Film about Drawing

26 Sept – 23Oct 2014 Clara Hatton Gallery, U.S.A &
29 Nov – 13 Dec 2014 Elysium Gallery, UK

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Imagined Machines

Regulator included in an exhibition of sketches of mechanical and electronic devices.
10 Sept – 16 Nov 2011.
Opening Saturday 17 Sept 5 – 7 pm
TestBed at Oriel Davies Gallery, The Park, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2NZ

Y Lle Celf, Eisteddfod Wrecsam

image courtesy of Brecknock Museum and Art gallery

image courtesy of Brecknock Museum and Art gallery

40 drawings from the Orpheus project were shown at Y Lle Celf, National Eisteddfod Wrecsam 2011.

Gwilym Morus was commissioned as the Art Space Poet at this year’s National Eisteddfod, Wrecsam. One of the ten pieces he responded to in the exhibition was the ‘Orpheus drawings’. His response was in words and music, so as well as the lyrics going up on the wall alongside the work, he also recorded an album. Orffiws is the ninth track on the album: the words are given below, and the album can be heard by following the link to Gwilwm’s website, below.

Ymateb i ‘Orffiws’ gan Penny Hallas

…sef bardd chwedlonol y Groegwyr a rwygwyd yn
ddarnau gan ferched gwyllt y Bacchanalia.

Mae darnau bach ei hunan
ar chwâl ymysg y chwyn –
y bardd anfarwol truan
wedi’i hau fel hadau syn.

Yn ymraniadau amwyll
ei gyflwr chwith caiff fyw,
ag yntau’n gasgliad gorffwyll
o greiriau rhyfedd, gwyw.

Mae bellach yma’n rhythu
lle nad oes iddo hedd,
a’i ffrwythlon ddatgymalu
yn gwrthod iddo fedd.

Gwilym Morus (2011)

Dilyniant yn nhrefn yr albwm lle Troediaf Ymddengys y Llawr
Ewch i www.caneuon.com/babellgelf

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru Wrecsam a’r Fro                                                                                                                       www.eisteddfod.org.uk

Sublinear: 5 Perspectives on drawing

25 Jun – 16 Jul 2011  5 visual artists to whom drawing is the mainstay of their creative practice.
24 June 7pm Private View opened by Professor Howard Riley, Swansea Metropolitan University

Five dedicated practitioners, each applying their individual intelligence of seeing, but to a common end: the sharing of experiences of the world – perceptual, emotional, and imaginational – through the selection and combination of visual elements; line, tone, shape, texture and colour. Such tangible representations in turn allow us, the viewers, to adopt, adapt our moods, our attitudes towards those experiences being shared, thus realising the potential of one of the fundamental social functions of art: to make the familiar strange – to stretch our perspective on life. Elysium: a state of ideal happiness. How apt!’

Orpheus Project: Interfaces Conference

Image from Orpheus Project film

29 Jan 2011 ‘ Encounters beyond the page/screen/stage’. A one-day research workshop event and exhibition. University of Exeter, Department of English.

As part of the Orpheus Project, a presentation will be made of film and images by Penny Hallas, script by Lyndon Davies, with music drawn from Gill Steven’s composition ‘Sounds from Solitude’

Orpheus Project: Border / Lines event

In November Glasfryn Seminars played host to Border/Lines, a group of poets and academics who come together to discuss literature, critical practice and theory and to explore links, differences and new approaches to an understanding of their relationship.

The chosen text was Maurice Blanchot’s essay The Gaze of Orpheus, and people were asked to respond to this and to the general theme of the Orphic myths. The day commenced with a paper around these topics, by Lyndon Davies, and the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon was given over to discussion.

borderlines final imageDuring the morning, artist Penny Hallas had created two drawings for the Border/Lines event in her studio upstairs, and people were taken one by one to the studio to record their pre-prepared responses to the Blanchot essay to camera. After each reading the guest was invited to change both drawings, one with a rubber and one with a piece of charcoal. When everyone had done this, people came together to improvise written responses to the day, creating brief sentences and word-patterns which were then torn in half, each part of the sentence acquiring a response and a completion by another of the participants.?Armed with these reconstituted sentences the participants returned to the studio where, with the use again of rubber and charcoal, they performed a mass intervention on the drawings.

The day was documented by use of audio and filmed recordings, as well as by individual written texts which have been uploaded onto a Wiki Site.

Present: Philip Gross, Alice Entwistle, Kevin Mills, Wendy Mulford, Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, Richard Gwyn, Jeremy Hooker, Graham Hartill, Anne Cluysenaar, Lyndon Davies, Penny Hallas