18 Mar – 29 Apr Paintings included in Concentric, West Wharf, Cardiff, CF1 5DB. Thurs, Fri, Sat, 10am-5pm.

One strand of my work is the exploration of psychological states of being and something of the way the world
and the human psyche interact with and modify one another; the way that constructs of reality are continually
being transformed by the flow of fantasy, and by the traumas and pleasures of engagement.

Recurrent images of wounding, decapitation and dismemberment act as metaphors for psychological events
such as the movement from closure into freedom; loss or extension of identity; damage, scattering and the
search for reintegration and so on. The Achievements series is based on heraldic symbols of power and
prestige, seen on a 17th century monument in Salisbury Cathedral.

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