Experimental installation for SCORE: Space and Performative Practices at tactileBOSCH Lounge, Cardiff
‘an ongoing winter playground for performance artists or artists working with live elements to come
together and… allow things to happen.’

6 Jan and 2 Mar 2023 Made in honour of the bumper apple crop of 2022, with libations to the health
of the trees in 2023. Thanks to @abi_hubbard_creative for her impromptu performance, animating the
installation to waken the sleeping tree spirits and frighten off any evil demons that may be lurking in the branches

24 Mar 2023 My tiny contribution to the topsy turvy carnivalesque world of Wrath and Tempo
at SHIFT, Cardiff.

Generously hosted by @bethgreenhalgh. Check out @tactilebosch and @shiftcardiff  for more
documentation and participants. Thanks to Beth for the first photo.

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