Artist’s Statement

Whether in painting, drawing, or printmaking, my work is concerned with the exploration of psychological states of being. When an image stirs a response in me, I may keep coming back to it for years, and I find that, gradually, what may have started out as an observation from life takes on a life of its own, charged, in my mind, with an almost mythic, talismanic quality. For me a piece of art is a focus of tensions, a place where different aspects of reality are brought into relation, react with one another, and open up new lines of communication. In my work, dream, fantasy, emotion have at least an equal standing with the physical particularities of the world.

One of my main preoccupations is the human head, which could be seen as the ultimate human sign, both object and subject, at once a barrier between the outside and the inside, and a continually metamorphosing site of interaction between the two. It has its objective life as an organic thing in the natural world; but it also has that quality of an uncapturable immaterial entity in a constant state of process.

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